It is far too long since I last updated my web site, and I have no excuse other than that I have been spending much more time taking photographs and writing my new book on digital ultraviolet and infrared photography. To go with this I have set up a new, second web site devoted to "invisible photography" called Imaging the Invisible. Click here to see it. I am currently writing a new one called "Photographing the Unseen".

Latest update! My new book has been published. It is available in the US and in the UK from the middle of November. Details can be found here

This update to my web site includes many new images (including folios from my recent trips to Borneo, Trinidad and Namibia, and some new ultraviolet images, as well as dates for my regular workshops in 2019.
I am doing increasing amounts of 1 : 1 and small group tuition. See the Tuition page or more details.
With 2019 looming, I am starting to plan for a major trip to Costa Rica, a trip long on my "bucket list"!